Chapter Thirteen is a co-operative and a project space, conceived to explore the social, critical and material potentials of the curatorial.

Chapter Thirteen draws upon the knowledge and resources of its members to realise exhibitions, events and discussions.

Chapter Thirteen’s projects are developed by its members.

Chapter Thirteen is an infrastructure enabling each member to make work they consider relevant, in an environment of mutual support.

Chapter Thirteen is informed by its local context in synthesis with a firm commitment to internationalism.

Chapter Thirteen recognises the importance of physical space in the process of situating curatorial practice, and developing a constituency.

Chapter Thirteen will explore the digital realm as a continuation of physical space.

Chapter Thirteen is working to negate the culture of competition.

Chapter Thirteen is committed to fair remuneration for all those working in and for the co-operative.

Chapter Thirteen accepts divergent opinions, asking what collectivity means without consensus.